A Chinese Proverb says “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.” Here at CMMOTA, we recognize that great education is the key to building successful massage and manual osteopathic therapy industries that will serve the Canadian people for generations to come. Thank you for the part you are playing in educating the therapists of the future! We value your commitment and dedication in  furthering these two professional industries!

Are you an Educator?

Did you know that at CMMOTA, we provide 6 credits per year for being a Teacher or Teacher’s Assistant in a massage or manual osteopathic therapy program? All you would need to do is provide a letter from your school on their letterhead with your name, the course you Teach or TA, and the dates of the course!! It’s that easy!! Do you currently offer a workshop outside of a massage or manual osteopathic therapy program? We’ve got you covered there as well. Members can receive up to 6 credits per year when you submit a similar letter!

What does this mean to you, as a member with CMMOTA?? This means that you have fulfilled almost ALL of your required CEC’s, just by letting us know that you are an Educator! Teaching for all 3 years would provide you with 18 CEC’s, you would also have 6 credits for having your Standard First Aid and Level C CPR certification on file for us, then once you attend the 1 required AGM (4 CEC’s) you would already be at 28 out of the 30 that are needed.

We also recognize what you as educators are doing for the future of these industries and want to shout it from the rooftops! Which is why, starting in 2023, CMMOTA will begin recognizing a nominated Teacher or TA with an Educator of the Year award!!



Did you know that CMMOTA loves to give back to our members?? One of the ways we do this, is through our referral program! We want to reward you for doing your part in pointing therapists toward our Association. Word of mouth advertising is the greatest driver in CMMOTA gaining membership. Whether that is sharing about CMMOTA on Facebook or other social media platforms, talking about it with your fellow therapists, instructors or students at your workplace, or even at a continuing education course you are part of, that input is often the starting point of contact for many new/ potential members. All a new member has to do is put YOUR name in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section of the membership application, and we will grant YOU with a $10 credit to be used towards your next membership renewal!! Refer enough therapists in a year and you could earn your entire CMMOTA  membership for FREE!!! The possibilities are endless, and come on….. who doesn’t like FREE???


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