Reviewers follow the Decision Format during the Review of all evidence submitted by MOT educational programs for the CMMOTA SAS process.

The two SAS documents, the Benchmarks and Deliverables, each have sections for MOT educational programs to read, understand, gather evidence (documents), submit documents and comments, if necessary. The evidence and comments, once submitted to CMMOTA, are reviewed objectively for SAS purposes. Here are more detailed explanations of the Decision Framework for the Benchmarks and Deliverables.


The Benchmark Mandates, described in the CMMOTA SAS Benchmark Framework, involve Reviewers determining if the submitted evidence:

  • Complies: “C” meets the Benchmarks Proclamation and Mandates
  • Not Compliant: “NC” not submitted or evidence does not meet the Benchmarks Proclamation and Mandates
  • The Benchmarks request Proof, this is the evidence samples or documents the MOT educational programs submit for the SAS Review.


The Deliverables have the Proof specifics from the Benchmarks. They vary is details between the four Benchmarks and can include:

  • Assessment Approaches, examples including Academic / Simulated / Clinical
  • A check list of Yes or No to Evidence Submitted
  • Explanation, opportunity for the MOT school to add additional comments if needed
  • Review Status: C / NC
  • Delivery Method and whom is responsible ( for example, sending out Covid-19 updates to faculty )

The SAS Reviewer will provide logistics and explanations for each NC a school receives. Support for quality improvements will also be offered when applicable.

MOT educational programs involved with the CMMOTA SAS process will receive the results and comments provided by the SAS Reviewer.